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Pay Bill

Our goal is to provide services to all patients regardless of their ability to pay. To that end, and whenever permitted by law, we accept all insurance payments as complete and do not balance bill patients except for in-network co-payments and deductibles. If you are not satisfied with your billing resolution, kindly reach us at 1-888-599-5227.

For questions please contact our Billing Department at sipbilling@siparadigm.com or hit #3 on the IVR to reach a billing representative.

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siParadigm, LLC is a HIPAA compliant company and can assure you that all infromation provided will be kept confidential

Contact Information

Note: Based on the infromation provided one of our billing representatives will reach out to you at a time most suitable for you. All credit card infromation provided is processed through a secure web portal. Upon running the transaction, you will receive an email with your confrimation. Thank You