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Diagnostic Informatics

Our name embodies our philosophy and business principles, and guides our decisions in today’s vexing business environment. When we make a decision, small or large, we simply ask ourselves two questions; how can we exceed your expectations? and, how we would want siParadigm to treat us if we were the client?

We are committed to providing you with a truly personalized service, state of the art technology including disease-focused NGS profiles, guideline- and evidence- based testing algorithms, dedicated Hematopathologists, continuous 24/7 operations, and best-in-industry turn-around time.

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Flow Cytometry

State of the art 10-color panels to reduce specimen requirements and cost, and optimize TAT, and disease-focused panels: ALL with MRD, AML with MRD, CLL with MRD, Lymphocyte Subsets, Lymphoproliferative Disorders (B-, T-and NK- cells), Mast Cell Disease, Myelodysplasia (MDS), Myeloma with MRD, Pancytopenia, and PNH.

Histology and Cytomorphology

• A comprehensive suite of routine and special stains with ~200 IHC antibodies, cytochemical stains, and CISH probes

• PD-L1

• Global and Tech-only services

• Digital imaging via ParaShip


• Global and Tech-only services

• TAT 2 days

• Disease-focused panels: Hematopoietic: ALL, AML, Burkitt, CLL, CML, Eosinophilia, Follicular NHL, double/triple hit NHL, Mantle Cell NHL, Marginal Zone NHL, MDS, MDS, Myeloma, MPN, Waldenstrom

• Solid Tumors: ALK, ROS1, HER2, Urovysion


• Cell-specific culture (myeloid, B-cell, T-cell, myeloma)

• TAT 3 days